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Welcome to the Society of Land Surveyors of Iowa

Society of Land Surveyors of Iowa

79th Annual SLSI Land Surveyors Conference

REGISTRATION OPEN for March 3-4, 2016

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Alan Fagan, PLS
2014 - 2015 President


The Society of Land Surveyors of Iowa was formally founded fifty-seven years ago in Ames, Iowa. Annual meetings for the betterment of land surveying can be traced back over seventy-six years.


Through the years, technological advances have changed the appearance and product of the professional land surveyor, but the core principle of impartially protecting interests in land by superior knowledge of history, related law, evaluation of evidence, and prior surveys has not changed.


SLSI is committed to keeping the professional land surveyor abreast of the latest in technology while holding to this core principle.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your president.